How Did We Start?

Collin, being involved in almost every sport known to man, loved snowboarding.  When he was diagnosed in January of 2015, he wanted to go on a trip. Collin decided to bring his two best friends to Peek n' Peek to get his mind off of everything. This snowboarding trip was filled with memories to last a lifetime, lots of snowboarding, and one idea that started everything. 



With a big heart, Collin Kiousis decided that anyone who is diagnosed with cancer should have the opportunity to get their mind off of their own situation. Since he had such an amazing time with his close friends, his idea was to start a foundation to give a similar chance to others. 


Peek n' Peek Trip:

Collin Kiousis, Ben West and Harrison Fayette are best friends that grew up together. No matter what was going on, they were always the guys goofing around and having the best time. 


Ben remembers the trip as a great getaway after he was diagnosed and gave his insight on the trip, "Yeah I mean we were able to go to Peak n' Peak for a whole weekend and just be buddies. It definitely made it feel like old times before we even thought about Collin having cancer. Like a nice relief from the constant chemo and to just feel like bros again.” He also told about his favorite memory being "sitting at the top of the hill eating these chocolate covered waffles and just taking in the view." which allows anyone to relax and get their minds off their situation.


Harrison said, "It was nice to get away and relax while doing some of our favorite things, one of my favorite memories is when we were goofing around and jumping back and forth in the beds.” This trip gave them things to look back on and reflect such as "looking over the GoPro footage to see who had the "sickest trick" gave us something fun to look forward to doing while Collin was feeling better.” Even after the trip, they were able to reminisce on the memories they made. 



This trip is the base of our foundation. The happiness that was brought to Collin and his friends was something he wanted to share to others in a similar situation. We would like to continue the hope and happiness given to the community so people are able to look forward to a trip, shopping spree, a new X-box or even groceries if needed. 


We help others so everyone can defy the hand you're dealt